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WHAT is BARK?  Is it a cookie?  Is it candy? We get asked these questions a lot… and you know what? IT’S BOTH! REMARKABLE BARK is nothing you have ever tasted.  Intense, rich, mouth-watering, buttery-sweetness in every bite.  These handmade CHOCOLATE TOFFEE GRAHAMS are broken off from the “sweet tree of life.”


WE are two Southern California Sisters

on a mission to share this delectable treat with everyone. 

REMARKABLE BARK can be stored in the freezer

(we love it frozen!) or put in the refrigerator to increase it’s shelf life… if it lasts long enough!  

Anyway you prefer to eat it, you will not be disappointed.  

xx Chrissy & Jen


"LOVE this stuff!!! All flavors!"

-Stephanie N.

"As a non-chocolate lover I concur.  I can wolf down an entire bin... amazing straight from the freezer."

-Darcy C.

"This bark bark is sooooo good! Bought some from "O" Magazine! It's a must have."

-Valencia V.


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